I live in Sardinia, the Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  Since when I started taking pictures, my instinct and this love for colours and lights pushed me to set most of my portraits outdoor, and allowed me to make a strong link between my love for photography and love for my region.  I am currently working to enrich my portfolio, I carry on my personal projects also to study myself, my progress, and improve myself constantly. I’m always attracted by pictures and atmospheres that bring me to a world made of pastel colours, delicate lights, vintage details. I always say that “I’m an island girl”,
but to live in Sardinia is not to live just in an Italian region surrounded by the sea and go to the beach during the summer.Sardinia means to be deeply connected with nature, to feel the ancient energy of this land and to be ready for seeing beauty every day, but this would happen only if you have a free soul and an open mind. I have a crush for the vintage atmosphere, for the girly little things, for pastel colours and for delicate, sweet, strong girls. My passion is to tell all this love through my pictures, to bring people to my world made of dreamy feminine look, atmospheres from the past, love for details and nature.